Facebook has admitted hundreds of millions of its users’ passwords were stored in plain text and able to be accessed by its employees. In a blog post, Pedro Canahuati, VP Engineering, Security and Privacy at Facebook said the company has fixed the issues and will be notifying those users whose

Facebook has apologised to marketers who were unable to access its ad interfaces, including Ads Manager and the Marketing API, yesterday during an outage which impacted the social media giant’s platforms globally. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp all experienced partial outages for more than 12 hours, in what is thought to

A series of privacy scandals which plagued Facebook in 2018 hasn’t impacted the number of Australians using the platform. According to the the eighth annual Digital 2019 report commissioned by Hootsuite and We Are Social, Facebook has 16 million monthly average users in Australia, the same number as 2017 and

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to unify Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram under one platform to have more control over the various companies.   The New York Times reports four Facebook employees have confirmed Zuckerberg is planning to keep the apps separate but their “underlying technical structure” will be unified. Sign

The word ‘influencer’ sometimes brings to mind the image of a model laying on the beach holding some kind of weight supplement — but that isn’t always the case. Influencers can range from ambassadors to content creators, to those with knowledge on a niche subject. It’s a cost effective way


As many as 95 million of Instagram’s 1 billion users could be bots, according to a new study conducted by research firm Ghost Data for US tech publication The Information. The research highlights Facebook isn’t just fighting fake accounts on its platform, but also Instagram, which is acquired for $1

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Beating estimates, Facebook raked in more than $10 billion in quarterly revenue for the first time. Facebook’s total revenue jumped 47 per cent to $10.33 billion, for the quarter ended September 30. While its profits rose 79 per cent to $4.7 billion. Ad revenue was up 49 per cent $10.14

Facebook earnings have smashed through market estimates, embarrassing analysts whose wildest dreams still underestimated reality. In a week when Twitter and Apple disappointed on their quarterly earnings calls, the Book of Face exceeded Wall Street’s highest estimates for earnings per share by ten per cent. The stellar results reflected not just

The decision by Instagram to open its API to 40 marketing tech companies has paid off handsomely. This company announced this week it has secured more than 200,000 advertisers. That’ an even better result than Twitter, for instance, which had a four-year head start on the popular mobile app. The appeal

The major internet services and networks with the largest percentage of younger users (16 to 24) are Tumblr, Instagram and Youtube — owned respectively by Yahoo!, Facebook and Google. As to the motherships themselves, they tend to trend a little older according to figures from GlobalWebIndex. For both Facebook and