Marketers still struggle with mastering the customer journey, which makes it difficult for many to understand where best to place their development spend. Part of the problem, according to the CMO Council, is that many brands still fail to take a strategic approach to the issue. According to Liz Miller,

“Smart Things” will pave the path to digital business, according to a blog post and infographic from tech research outfit Gartner which also outlines three key trends that characterise the transformation journey: the democratisation of technology, dematerialisation, and disintermediation. Steve Prentice, Vice President and Gartner Fellow, described the confluence of

In the five minutes it has taken to write and edit this piece, Facebook has generated 17,903,228 likes, Google has powered 1,580,544 searches, and Amazon has generated $US809,137 in sales. For the data (and data visualisation) addicts amongst you, a real-time infographic on VentureBeat keeps you appraised of every second