Index Exchange

The current ecosystem of programmatic advertising is unsustainable, according to the APAC MD of multinational adtech Index Exchange, who has welcomed Google’s decision earlier this month to phase out third party cookies. Adele Wieser, Index Exchange’s regional managing director APAC says privacy was the catalyst for Google’s decision to effectively

Adtech company Index Exchange (IX) has promoted Adele Wieser, previously Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, and Janette Higginson, previously Buyer Development Director, Australia and New Zealand, to APAC Regional Managing Director and APAC Head of Demand, respectively. Both individuals were IX’s first employees in Asia and since then

Founded in 2001, Index Exchange is one of the oldest adtechs but it’s also one of the newest players to join the Australian market. An analysis of local publishers’ ads.txt files shows the ad exchange has been widely adopted, despite only entering the Australian market a little over a year

Adtech companies AppNexus and Index Exchange are expanding their header bidding partnership to include the support of server-to-server integrations. Like traditional header bidding, server-to-server integrations run a unified auction in which Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) act as demand sources and bid on a publisher’s inventory. The technology, however, is more