Beware of the obvious, it’s not always right. That’s the lesson from a piece of research into in-store customer experiences released by consumer retail research outfit iModerate last month. The study, called “Bricks and Mortars Stores, Nice or need to Have?”, reveals that the most online savvy of shoppers — younger

Digital will influence more than $US2 trillion in retail sales in the US in 2015, and yet retailers still massively underestimate the impact of digital behaviour, according to research by Deloitte Digital. In a piece of research entitled “Navigating the new digital divide”, Deloitte turned its attention to the bulk

A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to speak at the DiG Festival about the future of retail. The panel, hosted by retail guru Nancy Georges, evolved very quickly away from a simple notion of retail to one augmented by digital technology, mobile connectivity and dominated by a