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Two years to the day since its enforcement, GDPR is beginning to have a real impact, but how seriously individual organisations are taking the regulation is still tied to their resources, according to privacy advocates. Locally, SailPoint, an identity management company, reports GDPR has contributed to Australian organisations being more

Australia’s moves towards open banking and a Consumer Data Right are being slowed by the country’s largest banks which refuse to go beyond the minimum requirements of regulators, according to Gerd Schenkel, founder of Ubank and Telstra Digital. According to Schenkel, now managing director BGA Digital, the banks are favouring

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon

One of the world’s leading independent provider of enterprise identity management software announced today its intention to kill the password as the dominant form of authentication. At the Oktane 2018 keynote in Las Vegas, Nevada, CEO, Todd McKinnon launched Okta’s new ThreatInsight feature which eliminates the password as the primary