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APAC organisations will spend over $US375 billion on digital transformation this year with a five year CAGR of 17.4 per cent to 2022, according to new research from International Data Corporation (IDC). China is driving most of the region’s spend with heavy investment in manufacturing, according to the report IDC

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More than half of Australian organisations have started to adopt artificial intelligence, but strategies and capabilities remain immature and Australia is beginning to lag its regional neighbours, according to new research from Microsoft. Along with IDC Asia/Pacific, Microsoft interviewed with more than 1,600 business leaders and 1,500 workers across Asia

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The growth in mobile internet users with a voracious appetite for online entertainment is accelerating the amount of data produced across Asia Pacific region. According to IDC, Asia Pacific and Japan is one of the fastest growing data regions, and by 2025 it will be the third largest datasphere globally.

Like Google and Facebook, telcos have access to data which could be used to paint a near complete picture of our lives. However the industry has approached data monetisation with much more caution than its technology counterparts. The regulatory grey area surrounding data ownership and competitive forces are a major

Advertising giants like Google and Facebook dominated the first two decades of the digital revolution though they are now being challenged by global ecommerce companies like Amazon and Alibaba. But will their economic impact be eclipsed by what comes next – the industrial internet? Four years ago we first reported

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Digital transformation will add an estimated $45 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2021. That figure will continue to grow at 0.5 per cent annually, according to new report from Microsoft and IDC. The report, Unlocking the economic impact of Digital Transformation in Australia examines the economic impact of revenue from

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Australian businesses are putting more money and resources into digital transformation initiatives as their strategies become more developed. According to an IDC survey of 100 Australian businesses, digital transformation is core to the business strategy of 71 per cent of Australian organisations. Of those, 4 per cent say they are

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IDC has launched a digital transformation performance scorecard in Asia Pacific, which outlines key performance indicators to effectively measure the digital transformation performance of organisations. Digital transformation (DX) is no longer a theoretical topic but being executed within many organisations in APAC. IDC’s 2017 C-Suite Barometer for Asia/Pacific reveals that

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There are few other industries outside of banking with a more drastic need to transform to ensure their long-term survival. That’s the view of the analysts at IDC, which at the same time acknowledge the industry is faced with a sizeable IT challenge, ironically caused by being early adopters of

By 2021 artificial intelligence-powered CRM activities are predicted to generate more than $1.1 trillion in business revenues and 800,000 net-new jobs globally. In Australia, new efficiencies gained from AI will aid the creation of 16,714 new jobs and $19 billion in increased revenue over the next five years. The figures