IBM tells a nice story about Watson and oncology in India. The country has a paucity of oncologists — roughly 2000 in fact — to cover a population of 1.3 billion. Get cancer in India and your chances of receiving specialist care are, in relative terms, almost non-existent. Enter Big

IBM and Salesforce have announced a strategic partnership to deliver joint solutions leveraging each company’s artificial intelligence products: Watson and Einstein. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into the draw for a chance to win a pair of Sony H.ear Bluetooth headphones or 1 of 5 Google Daydream VR

IBM has embarked on a major redundancy campaign, and is this week cutting staff all over the world. IBM’s Australian staff affected by the change have started receiving their notices. Some staff at Big Blue locally believe that as many as 20 per cent of the Australian contingent have been

Content has always been king in the media and entertainment industry but now data is moving to the centre of the industry’s business models. That’s the opinion of Steve Canepa, general manager of global media & entertainment industry at IBM. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The promise of

Marketing technology has fundamentally recast the way marketers work. Analytics has provided much deeper insights into consumer behaviour and expectations, while new generations of marketing applications have made it easier to respond to customers by providing information and offers that best align to customers’ needs. But, while marketing has come

About the only thing digital natives love more than streaming music is not paying for it. Now IBM and Sacem, one of the world’s leading cultural and creative collective management organisations, announced a 10-year strategic alliance to develop URights, a world-class copyright platform on IBM Cloud designed to track and

Turning its attention to the ageing population, IBM Research has created a prototype robot designed to care for the elderly. It’s been named MERA, which stands for Multi-Purpose Eldercare Robot Assistant. Developed in collaboration with Rice University in Texas, IBM MERA is a Watson-enabled application designed to help assist the

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With companies busily jumping into video, the content they are creating contains vast amounts of data and insights which are largely being ignored. That’s the view of Brad Hunstable, founder of video streaming company Ustream, which was acquired by IBM earlier this year. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter


Commercial blockchain solutions are rapidly being adopted in banking and financial markets, dramatically faster than initially expected according to two new studies, both published by IBM. Which-50 and ADMA are introducing a one day classroom-based digital transformation education program for senior executives lead by visiting US subject matter expert Courtney Hunt PhD.  Places

The North Face

Yesterday Which-50 had some fun playing with IBM’s artificial intelligence engine Watson, in particular the personality insights tool. That exercise was inspired by a presentation delivered by Kevin Bishop, VP of customer engagement solutions, at the IBM Customer Engagement Forum in Sydney last week. Bishop outlined what role cognitive technologies