The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) is accepting nominations for the 2019 IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders program. The peak body for analytics professionals ran the program for the first time last year, naming Matt Kuperholz, Chief Data Scientist, PwC and Sandra Hogan, Group Head, Customer Analytics, Origin

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If your business is not data driven within five years you will not have a business, according to Annette Slunjski, Managing Director of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia. She said, “We’re not going to be in the fourth industrial revolution unless we can start harnessing the data we have

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Digital transformation in the health sector is a different beast. It is slower, more expensive and the stakes are higher than most other industries. But, according to Dr Claire Sullivan, Chief Digital Health Officer Metro North Hospital and Health Service, the results are unparalleled. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights

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As society trusts more of its operations to autonomous systems, increasingly companies are making it a requirement that humans can understand how exactly a machine has reached a certain conclusion. The research efforts behind Explainable AI (XAI) are gaining traction as technology giants like Microsoft, Google and IBM, agree that

Data may not be on the balance sheet yet, but there’s nothing stopping organisations treating it like it is. That’s the view of Genevieve Elliott, general manager, data science and insights, Vicinity Centres, an Australian retail property organisation leveraging data and analytics.  “I’d love one day for it to be

Stephen Porges has been appointed CEO of the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership to provide data leadership, advocacy and governance to Australian businesses. The Australian Alliance for Data Leadership (AADL) is a network of Associations with the common thread of data and customer experience, representing the essential functions of data-driven

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The past decade has seen some significant shifts in the way talent is perceived, managed and remunerated in the analytics profession. From back-room quants with sensible shoes to the ‘data science’ darlings of the media sector, analysts have seen a stellar rise in professional cachet. The annual IAPA Skills and

As data becomes more important to the way organisations work,  business should expect their data assets will eventually make their way onto the balance sheet. That’s the view of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) which which spend 2018 advocating for the move, according to a spokesperson. Indeed data

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IAPA, the peak body for analytics professionals in Australia, is searching for Australia’s top data scientists. Nominations are now open for IAPA’s inaugural Top 25 Analytics Leaders program, which aims to recognise best and brightest in Australia’s analytics industry. The industry body is looking for professionals who champion analytics and

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It’s a good time to be an analytics professional in Australia, with the country’s best data analytics professionals earning almost $300,000 a year. Analysts with strong soft skills, in addition to their technical capabilities are in particular demand. According to the Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) Skills and Salary Survey