Adtech’s opaque data collection practices are under the regulator’s microscope and targeted advertising could become opt-in only under potential reforms to Australia’s privacy law. Those are two of the possible changes highlighted by Anna Johnston, Principal of Salinger Privacy, one of Australia’s most respected experts in privacy law.  During a

Monday marks two years since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, Europe’s wide ranging data processing regulations. Billed as a strong deterrent with penalties potentially in the billions, GDPR was widely expected to help citizens wrestle back their data from the companies which have for years harvested, traded

Digital advertising slowed down during the first three months of the year according to new data which reflects a summer of bushfires and the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. The next quarter is likely to be tougher as advertisers continue to delay or withdraw their investments.  According to

The programmatic advertising market is “ripe for reformation” after a landmark UK study revealed around half of the money advertisers spend never reaches publishers and around one third of the programmatic supply chain cost is “unattributable”. The report [pdf], prepared for UK advertiser industry group, the Incorporated Society of British

IAB Australia has expanded its board adding the Executive Tech Council (ETC) in a bid to increase industry representation.  The bureau said the addition of an ETC representative will bring additional technical insights to Board discussions around standards, guidelines and general industry issues. The IAB Board is made up of

Platform giants Facebook and Google will be forced to share advertising revenue with Australian media companies under a new mandatory code of conduct with binding penalties announced by the federal government today.  Australia joins France in being among the first countries to force the tech giants to directly pay for

While the full effect of COVID-19 on the digital advertising market is not yet known, early data indicates marketers and agencies are taking a cautious approach, actively reviewing their plans and favouring brand advertising over performance marketing.  IAB Australia ran a two-week survey of agencies and marketers to assess the

Australian publishers are urging marketers to take a more nuanced approach to blocking ads from appearing alongside COVID-19 content.  Despite audience numbers exploding, news outlets in Australia and around the globe are facing a financial crisis, emphasising that eyeballs don’t always translate to dollars online.   One corner of the digital

The Australian online advertising market grew at a slower rate for 2019 at 5.6 per cent to $9.3 billion according to a new IAB report. That’s compared to the full year in 2018 when spending grew 11.6 per cent.  The IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure Report showed video advertising was

Advertising in digital audio platforms continues to grow with 75 per cent of media buyers placing ads in podcasts, according to a new IAB report, the Audio Advertising State of the Nation. The report also highlighted 90 per cent of media buyers are buying ads in streaming services. Nearly two-thirds