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RMIT Online has announced a partnership with IBM to deliver two Australian first, industry-led courses focused on 5G.  The courses, IoT Strategy in the 5G Era and 5G for Business, will equip IT and business professionals with the necessary skills and tools to future-proof their businesses in preparation for the

RMIT Online has announced the launch of a new cybersecurity short course as part of its Future Skills portfolio. Palo Alto Networks and NAB are key collaborators and mentors on the course which will cover a variety of topics within the cybersecurity ecosystem. Nominate today for the Which-50 Digital Experience

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RMIT is launching a new online course to train workers in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Open to IT, marketing and sales professionals, CRM Professional with Salesforce is a six week course which costs $2,200. Built in collaboration with Salesforce, the course aims to develop well-rounded CRM professionals and helps

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Adobe and RMIT University have formed a partnership that aims to equip students with the skills required to succeed in today’s workplace. As part of the partnership the education provider will offer three courses on digital marketing that can be undertaken as part of RMIT Online’s professional course offerings. Sign up

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RMIT Online is launching an online course titled Digital Transformation to help executives and professionals future-proof their careers in the digital era. Developed in partnership with REA Group, Paper Giant and Tigerspike, the course is made up of five components which each run for six weeks. The university said it