Netflix shares are down 14 per cent after the streaming service added fewer new subscribers than it had forecast. During the second quarter Netflix added 5.2 million new subscribers instead of the 6.2 million it had predicted. The company now has 130 million subscribers worldwide. Sign up to Which-50’s Digital

The fourth issue of Accenture’s Bringing TV to Life series offers strategic guidance to digital video businesses. Traditional television providers are especially vulnerable to disruption by new players. Nimble start-ups and massive rivals such as Amazon, Apple and Google all threaten the business models of legacy network operators. Lead author

A crime wave swept over Australia last night as millions of pirates swarmed around Foxtel to download the Game of Thrones season premiere illegally. Securing their gold medal status as the world’s most enthusiastic thieves of intellectual property, local Throners hit BitTorrent more than a million times to grab a