The NSW Government will bring together key stakeholders in November in an effort to further develop an AI ethics framework and strategy for the state.  A thought leadership summit, to be held at NSW Parliament, will explore how the technology can be best used by government agencies and in policy

Australia’s controversial encryption busting law needs further amendments to clarify vague language and add appropriate judicial oversight, according to the Office of The Australian Information Commissioner. Despite increased scrutiny and multiple submissions by the OAIC, several “privacy impacts remain that require further mitigation”. In its latest submission to the Parliamentary

Intellectual Property Australia, regarded as one of the country’s leading digital government agencies, has begun to decouple it services via APIs. The goal is to have the services the agency provides fit into a whole of government, “citizen-centric” approach to service delivery. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter “Customers

University of New South Wales Professor Sallie Pearson has joined the National Data Advisory Council, the group which guides Australia’s National Data Commissioner on best data sharing practice in the public sector. Professor Pearson, a health services researcher and behavioural scientist, will fill the vacancy left by retiring Professor Fiona

Australia’s controversial encryption busting laws remain a threat to cybersecurity, privacy, US trade and human rights, according to the world’s largest technology companies and civil rights groups. The cohort, represented by the Open Technology Institute, is urging the Australian government to amend or repeal the legislation which passed late last

Steven Worrall, managing director, Microsoft Australia

The Australian Government has signed a three-year agreement with Microsoft Australia to provide access to its cloud-based products for 98 federal agencies. The new volume sourcing agreement negotiated through the Digital Transformation Agency makes Microsoft 365 available to all Federal Government agencies on a cost-effective basis,  the company said. Sign

Facial recognition, a Consumer Data Right and a delay in the review of the controversial encryption laws are among the federal government’s legislation plans for the remainder of 2019.  The full agenda was revealed yesterday at the commencement of Australia’s 46th Parliament. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter By

The Australian Government has signed an extensive procurement deal with Amazon Web Services. Australian Federal, State, and Territory agencies and departments, as well as public universities and government agencies will now have access to AWS through a “simplified procurement model”. The Government said the deal will mean cheaper and easier

The Victorian Government has allocated $52.9 million for “digital government and communications” over the next financial year, as more citizens are going online for services. The new budget, released yesterday, also revealed the success of services will now be measured against customer satisfaction rather than traditional project delivery metrics. Sign

The Commonwealth Government is launching a new services agency, Service Australia, modelled on the NSW State Government’s Service NSW. Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed the plan for Services Australia on Sunday in a surprise announcement which may challenge the role of current agency charged with supporting IT and digital service