You can turn your employees into cybersecurity advocates, but only if your security awareness programs actually work. Bolster your initiatives with these three actions. How many employees completed your last cybersecurity awareness training? How many clicked on your test phishing bait? Most security and risk leaders test cybersecurity regularly and

Gartner forecasts Australian spending on public cloud services will reach AU$13.8 billion in 2021 and grow 23.4 per cent to A$16.7 billion in 2022. By comparison, worldwide spending on public cloud services is forecast to reach US$396 billion (AU$537.5 billion) in 2021 and grow 21.7 per cent to reach US$482

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Infrastructure and operations leaders under pressure to migrate quickly to the public cloud are susceptible to several common cost mistakes. More than 70% of companies have now migrated at least some workloads into the public cloud, according to Gartner research. This momentum will continue as companies plan to increase their cloud

The consequences of the microchip shortage are well known and not much can be done to solve the situation in the short term. As some see this shortage as a major hindering factor for the automotive industry in the coming months, there are high chances the long-term consequences will be

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Computer scientists and programmers often have strong opinions on the value of embedded code and integration vs. interface approaches. Frankly, that conversation is beyond me. I might say something accurate about the pros and cons, but I’m just as likely (or more) to be wrong. But that is not where

Not too long ago, Gartner made a splash with the research headline, “The Data Centre is Dead”.  The point wasn’t that enterprise data centres were suddenly obsolete, but that the days of a traditional enterprise-owned data centre serving as the sole location to source IT services were waning. With a growing

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CMOs often think of martech almost as if they were buying a new car. They expect their technology to perform perfectly as soon as they have it, “fresh off the lot.” Unfortunately, your car (or martech) salesperson isn’t asking you how good of a driver you are before you sign

Gartner released the results of its annual CEO Survey overnight, showcasing the optimistic attitude of global CEOs — anticipating an economic boom, and seeing opportunity through digital in a post-COVID world. The survey was conducted online, and by phone and video interviews from July to December 2020 and included insights

Stan Aronow, VP Distinguished Advisor Gartner Supply Chain, and Unilever CSCO Marc Engel recently moderated a virtual Leaders in Action (LIA) event on the theme of running purpose-driven supply chains. Twenty-five COOs and CSCOs of large global companies joined this interactive event. They shared perspectives and heard from peers on

Almost one in five workers (18 per cent) consider themselves to be digital technology experts and over half consider themselves proficient, according to a new survey from Gartner, Inc on the impact COVID on the use of productivity tools. An increased reliance on digital collaboration tools and lack of in-person IT