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Google’s relationship with Apple — specifically the deal which sees Google search bundled into Apple’s Safari browser — is at the heart of the decision by the DOJ today to launch an antitrust case against the search giant. But it’s also about more than just the bundling deal. As Constellation

Digital advertising slowed down during the first three months of the year according to new data which reflects a summer of bushfires and the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. The next quarter is likely to be tougher as advertisers continue to delay or withdraw their investments.  According to

The programmatic advertising market is “ripe for reformation” after a landmark UK study revealed around half of the money advertisers spend never reaches publishers and around one third of the programmatic supply chain cost is “unattributable”. The report [pdf], prepared for UK advertiser industry group, the Incorporated Society of British

Traditional brands and direct-to-consumer challenger brands can each learn from the other to endure the disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis.  That’s a key takeaway from a new report conducted by Pollinate for IAB Australia called Direct Brands Australia. The research, which was conducted before the pandemic accelerated, highlighted several

Australian publishers are urging marketers to take a more nuanced approach to blocking ads from appearing alongside COVID-19 content.  Despite audience numbers exploding, news outlets in Australia and around the globe are facing a financial crisis, emphasising that eyeballs don’t always translate to dollars online.   One corner of the digital

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Australia’s online advertising market grew 7 per cent to reach $9 billion in the last financial year, according to figures from the IAB, the peak trade association for online advertising. But while online ad spend continued to grow, the rate of growth is tapering off in Australia, even with a

Advertising across digital audio platforms is maturing, with media buyers regularly placing ads in streaming services, experimenting with dynamic creative formats and beginning to embrace podcasts. 87 per cent of media buyers used ads within streaming services in 2018 according to IAB Audio Advertising State of the Nation Report which

Gai Le Roy has been appointed CEO of IAB Australia following a four month recruitment process. Le Roy, pictured above, has been interim CEO since Vijay Solanki stepped down from the top job in June. With more than 20 years’ experience working in the media industry across strategy, analyst, research

Clive Dickens, Chief Digital Officer of Seven West Media, has joined the board of IAB Australia, as the broadcaster steps up its involvement with the digital advertising industry group. The company’s appointment to the IAB Board follows SWM’s decision to sell its 50 per cent stake in Yahoo7 to joint

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If you want to see an insurgent digital company that ticks all the boxes of contemporary Internet nomenclature, it would be hard to go past Zuper. An innovative fintech, its members sit at the core of the business, crowdsourcing the expertise needed to pick trends, build products and even help