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As the economy gradually reopens, companies now find themselves facing important choices about what the future of work looks like. How will work change, what have they learned during the three-month shutdown, and perhaps one of the most difficult questions of all, can and should we really design the future

The future of jobs has been used to justify the major changes to university education announced last week. Fees for courses that, according to the government, lead to jobs with a great future will fall, while those with a poor future will rise. But can the government predict the jobs of the

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COVID-19 has created a small window to significantly alter the nature of white collar work, according to Deloitte’s annual 2020 Global Human Capital Trends report.   The report titled, “The social enterprise at work: Paradox as a path forward,” notes that as restrictions ease and businesses plot their return to the

Last year a group of Australian CEOs pooled their collective intellect and resources to ponder a five- to ten-year scenario: how should they manage the people in their workforce as technology programs eliminate roles through automation?  One possible solution they came up with was to exchange, or loan, employees between

As AI and robotics automate more tasks, fewer humans are required to do the same amount of work. Rather than eliminating the need to work, conventional wisdom argues humans will be required to do different kinds of jobs than they do today. The challenge for governments, business and individuals, lies

New legislation and a central government body should be introduced to prepare for a world where machines carry out more and more tasks in the workplace, according to an Australian senate inquiry into the future of work. The inquiry, set up in October last year, has recommended that the Australian

Seek is open to the idea of sharing its job data to help the government plan for an upheaval in Australia’s job market caused by automation. The job site made the suggestion in a submission to the Senate inquiry into the future of work and workers. “Seek is open to