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There are four key ways for ecommerce retailers to future proof their brand, according to Mark Bergen, head of revenue at ecommerce company, Shopify. These include, creating a consistent experience, letting technology and humans do what they are supposed to do, removing friction from an experience, and using the correct


Chatbots have already evolved from their conversational commerce roots to delivering fully fledged service functions. The technology stands poised to enable real-time financial transactions and break down long-standing language barriers. That’s according to James Kraeutler, VP of the ISV and technology alliance program at Genesys. He explained to Which-50 a

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It is not technology, but culture, that is critical to becoming a future-forward business. So says futurist Chris Riddell, the first ever Chief Digital Officer for Mars Incorporated and global futures advisor to the Australian Federal Police. During Genesys’ Humanity Reinvented: Beyond Tomorrow webinar, Riddell discouraged the audience of business

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Most would assume marketers would have a strong perception of marketing in a company however a Marketo report says that is not entirely the case. The report, Marketing 2025: The future of skills and technology in marketing across Australia and New Zealand CEOs had more stronger responses to positive statements on marketing than

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A marketing leader today could struggle to recognise the marketers of the future with technologies like artificial intelligence and neuromarketing emerging as the key tech drivers over the next five to seven years according to a new study.  A new Marketo report, Marketing 2025: The future of skills and technology in marketing

This year leaders focused on digital transformation and CX however some came to the realisation these strategies are hard, costly and challenged the way they run their businesses. Despite the effort made, CX performance was flat and more than 50 per cent of digital transformation efforts stalled, according to Forrester.

Digital shopping comparison site, Next Commerce, has been acquired by UK media company, Future, for an undisclosed amount. Next Commerce, which had revenue for year ended June 30, 2016 of AU$3.3million (£1.9million), operates the getprice.com.au and pricepanda.com shopping comparison websites across the Australia and South East Asia. Which-50 and ADMA are

Digital innovation will drive future market leadership say CIOs Digital innovation will be a huge factor in driving future market leadership, but innovation resources are not keeping up with digital/technology demand. That’s the view from Australia’s top corporate tech leaders, according to the results of this year’s Harvey Nash CIO

Is this the future of retail – permanent rolling global discounts As massive online sales days like Cyber Monday in the US, Singles Day in China and even Click Frenzy in Australia take hold, a new risk emerges for retailers – a world of permanent rolling global discounting. Australia’s retailers,

Banking and financial services industry is undergoing a massive transformation all over the world and that change has come quickly. Before 2010, FinTech wasn’t even on the radar of banking institutions . Now, suddenly it seems, there is an upsurge in activity in the FinTech community. Global FinTech financing has