The recent ransomware attack on one of the US’s largest fuel pipelines, Colonial, has led President Biden to release an executive order mandating that the federal government significantly improve cyber security within its networks. It’s a step in the right direction, and a serious warning signal for all businesses around

Despite warnings of billions of dollars going to waste and funding criminal activity, the understanding of advertising fraud remains varied across businesses. Even some of the businesses that do understand the scope of the problem consider it an unavoidable “additional cost” to advertising online, and see little incentive in cleaning

Oracle says it has exposed the largest ever connected tv fraud operation which tricked advertisers into paying for advertisements that were never delivered to as many as 28.8 million US households. Dubbed “StreamScam” by Oracle, the fraud operation spoofed more than 28.8 million U.S. valid household IP addresses, including approximately

US hedge fund Muddy Waters Capital — which has a long and successful history of exposing fraud by Chinese companies listed in US markets — has thrown a huge wrench into plans by Nasdaq-listed Chinese search giant Baidu to buy live streaming YY Live from Chinese Video Giant Joyy for

Marketing losses due to ad fraud will rise to $35 billion in 2020, a global economic study by CHEQ has revealed. The cybersecurity company has undertaken a report detailing the full scale of ad fraud with economist Roberto Cavazos, a professor at the University of Baltimore, using the latest economic

Banking newcomer Volt is leveraging a fraud protection solution from IBM which uses AI and machine learning to analyse behavioural and fraudulent patterns. During today’s Data and AI Forum hosted by IBM, the challenger bank announced it integrated IBM’s Safer Payments solution into its online banking platform 10 weeks ago.  

Another executive from troubled German fintech Wirecard was arrested yesterday and questioned by German prosecutors. He is the second person from the one-time darling of the European tech sector to be hauled in over a burgeoning scandal involving missing billions. Wirecard was launched during the first dotcom boom in the

Businesses in ecommerce, airline ticketing, money transfer and banking services will collectively lose over $200 billion to online payment fraud between 2020 and 2024, driven by the increased sophistication of fraud attempts and the rising number of attack vectors, according to Juniper Research. The continued high level of data breaches

A newly revealed ad fraud bot is taking advantage of large unaudited ads.txt files, impacting billions of video advertisements and stealing millions of dollars from advertisers, according to ad verification company Integral Ad Science. IAS says the bot, known as the 404bot in reference to its domain spoofing, has existed

Amazon Web Services today revealed several new cloud services ranging from new databases to new AI and machine learning tools, some with particular importance for Australian customers, according to the company. Over 100,000 independent enterprises in Australia, ranging from startups to the big banks and government agencies, are running at