Ford has signed a six year deal with Google to revamp the digital technology in its vehicles, that will also see the companies collaborating on the automaker’s broader digital transformation and new business models for car sharing. Announced today the partnership includes Google becoming Ford’s preferred public cloud provider and

Ford is asking for all self-driving vehicle developers, automakers and technology companies to help create an industry standard for autonomous vehicles to communicate whether they are stopping, accelerating or giving way. The car manufacturer asked those who are committed to deploying SAE level-4 vehicles to join forces with them to

Holden is recruiting 150 Australian engineers to expand General Motors’ research and development operations in Australia. The Melbourne-based team will be embedded in GMs’ global Advanced Vehicle Development division, which is building the company’s electric and autonomous cars of the future. The new recruits, made up of graduates and experienced

Rather than visiting a sales lot, shoppers in China can now select a car online and then pick it up from a vending machine to take it for a test drive. Alibaba’s Tmall has unveiled its “Super Test-Drive Center” in Guangzhou with over 100 Ford cars available for Chinese consumers

Ford has laid out a broad vision for its future — and set itself an enormous challenge — from rolling out autonomous vehicles for deliveries and ridesharing, to building smart city technology. In a slew of announcements made at CES in Las Vegas this week, the car maker detailed how

Alibaba and Ford will work together in the areas of connectivity, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobility services and digital marketing. They will jointly identify new opportunities to redefine consumer retail experiences and explore solutions for sustainable mobility. The parties revealed last week that they have signed a letter of intent.

Lyft and Ford

Ford and Lyft are partnering in the development of autonomous vehicles. The goal is for Lyft users to be able to summon a Ford self-driving car. One day. For now the two companies say they are working together to make sure their respective platforms talk to each other. Sign up

HoloLens, Microsoft, Ford

Ford designers in Melbourne are increasingly using virtual and mixed reality to accelerate the design process for new vehicles. Designers have been piloting Microsoft HoloLens technology for a year now in Ford’s Dearborn headquarters, allowing them to see proposed virtual design elements brought to life inside the physical vehicle. Sign

passenger economy

As society shifts to a world of autonomous driving over the next 30 years, the economic implications are profound — initially, but not only for the automotive sector. Some of the world’s leading automotive brands are already investing heavily in the technology. Daimler for instance says that prototypes like its

Chariot Shuttle Service

The world isn’t quite ready for private ownership of autonomous vehicles, argues Graeme Whickman, president and CEO of Ford Australia and New Zealand. Ford is aiming to have a fully autonomous vehicle on the road by 2021, but it will be a deployed as part of a commercial venture, such