Telstra today has been fined $50 million for “unconscionable” practices exploiting the vulnerabilities of Indigenous Australians. In the ACCC proceedings, Telstra admitted to breaching Australian Consumer Law by exploiting the language barriers of Indigenous customers, misrepresenting the terms of agreement and selling them contracts that they could not afford. According

Twitter is bracing for a US$250 million fine from US regulators for using the phone numbers provided by its users for security to target them with ads. The social platform disclosed the practice in October last year and claims it was done “inadvertently” but can not say how many users


Google has been fined yet again by European antitrust regulators. The search giant copped a €1.49 billion fine (AU$2.38 billion) for the illegal misuse of its dominant position in the market for the brokering of online search adverts. The ruling said the company was abusing its market dominance by limiting