Financial Results

Alibaba Group

In its latest quarterly results Alibaba’s revenue skyrocketed 42 per cent to US$16.7 billion, beating investor expectations.  Daniel Zhang, CEO at Alibaba Group said, “Alibaba had a great quarter, expanding our user base to 674 million annual active consumers, demonstrating our superior user experience.  “We will continue to expand our

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The famously un-profitable Amazon managed another profit in Q2, but it’s streak of record-breaking results is over. Profit for the quarter was up 3.6 per cent to $2.63 billion, which failed to meet analyst expectations. Amazon’s financial performance was hampered by a loss in its overseas retail business, growing shipping

Netflix released its Q2 financial results revealing it had for the first time failed to increase its subscription numbers in America, losing around 130,000 net US subscribers in the quarter. The period coincided with a US$2 per month price hike, suggesting the streaming giant may have found its tipping point.

Overnight, Uber delivered its first quarterly results since going public earlier this month. The ride hailing giant lost more than $US1 billion in the first three months of 2019 as revenue growth continued to slow. Nominate today for the Which-50 Digital Experience Awards. Simple. Fast. Easy. Uber generated $US2.76 billion

Alibaba Group

Alibaba’s revenue has continued to grow across its commerce and cloud computing businesses despite the economic slowdown in China. Its yearly results show a 51 per cent growth in revenue to US$56.15 billion, this figure excludes the costs of consolidating acquired businesses in which the revenue would’ve grown by 39

Amazon Prime

Amazon has reeled in a US$3.56 billion net income for Q1 2019, the highest profit it has made for a quarter and double the US$1.6 billion it made a year earlier. The online giant also announced it is cutting down its shipping time with its Prime members able to receive

For its third quarter results Facebook beat analysts profit prediction. However, it missed its monthly user targets and expects safety and security upgrades will drive up costs in the future. The mixed results saw Facebook share prices seesaw before closing up 2.9 per cent at $US146.22.  In Q3 Facebook profit

Alibaba Group’s revenue grew 61 per cent for the June Quarter, year-on-year, on the back of strong growth in cloud computing, digital media and innovation activities, according to financial results released today.  The revenue growth is better than expected but quarterly income fell short, plummeting more than 40 per cent

Facebook’s advertising revenue jumped 50 percent, year on year, according to financial results released overnight. The social media giant appears to have seen little financial impact from a tumultuous 2018, reporting a net income just under $US 5 billion. The company’s revenue so far in 2018 is $11.97 billion, up

Netflix has again beaten analyst expectations and added 7.41 million new subscribers in Q1, according to the streaming giant’s latest results. That number exceeds analysts’ forecasts of 6.32 million and takes Netflix’s total subscriber base to 125 million. Q1 revenue was US$3.7 billion, up from US$2.6 billion in Q1 2017.