France’s competition regulator,  Autorité de la concurrence, fined the U.S. Google €500 million for not respecting interim measures imposed last year, which required them to negotiate “in good faith” with the press industry over licensing fees.  It is “the biggest ever fine” imposed by the Competition Authority for a company’s failure to

r/SocialMediaBrandsInAU just gained a new member. Social news aggregation site Reddit has announced today it will set up shop locally, with a dedicated Australian based office. Led by David Ray, the current General Manager for Digital Platforms at WooliesX, the local arm will be a wholly owned and operated team

Instagram will no longer be a platform for sharing photos, according to the head of the company. Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram at Instagram shared the insights in a series of social media posts outlining a shift away by the business from their original core function and instead see the

The U.S. Federal District Court dismissed two antitrust suits against Facebook but offered a path for both claims to return at a later date.  In the first suit, U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg ruled that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had failed to offer enough facts in its

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After an acrimonious start, the Federal government’s News Media Bargaining Code, the controversial plan to make internet giants Google and Facebook pay for content from local publishers, has finally borne fruit. Nine Media announced today that it has formalised deals with the online advertising titans. The exact financial details of

Facebook’s proposed enhanced encryption  will create opportunities of anonymity for online criminals and extremists, UK Security Services argue. The Daily Mail reports that during a recent interview with the new head of the UK Security Service, MI5 Chief Ken McCallum suggested Facebook’s initiative to adopt end-to-end encrypted messaging may provide

Despite not fully cooperating with its own Oversight Board, Facebook has maintained the ban of former US President Donald Trump, imposed during a violent insurrection at the US capital in January this year. During the riot the defeated candidate’s supporters threatened to murder the Vice President, Michael Pence.  However, Facebook’s

Mark Zuckerberg has grown very wealthy on the strength of the advertising platform he has built, which enables advertisers to hock their wares with pinpoint precision at the eyeballs most likely to belong to customers. Facebook’s ad-targeting technology is indeed a very impressive achievement — but apparently Facebook doesn’t want

The data from a very significant data breach at Facebook from 2019 re-emerged over the weekend. It involved the leaking of personal details of more than 533 million users, including 7 million Australians. Facebook applied the “nothing to see here” defence, saying the leak was old.  Information including full names,

Three Australian independent publishers have signed letters of intent with Facebook, likely to lead to deals for licencing their content to the tech giant. Facebook today announced it has signed letters of intent with three independent Australian publishers: Private Media, Schwartz Media and Solstice Media.  Private media publishes Crikey, The