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A year of global upheaval and accelerated digital transformation is driving exponential growth in the rate at which information is created, stored and shared. “And all of that information needs data centres to store it, power it, secure it, and make it available,” says NEXTDC CEO, Craig Scroggie. “We are

Philips is now completely carbon-neutral in its operations, uses 100 per cent renewable energy electricity, and recycles 90 per cent of its operational waste, the company announced this week as part of an update of its five-year ESG program. The Dutch conglomerate has been divesting from its traditional electronics business

The shift to sustainability is not only changing how companies manage their business, it is also changing how people invest their money. And in future, as companies seek funds from investors to expand, there will be times when they are likely to have to explain why their business is a

By 2050 the biggest game in the world will be a virtual one, according to some of the esports industry’s pioneers, who argue that the global appeal of video games trumps all the traditional sports except perhaps ‘the beautiful game’. However, for brands looking to capitalise on the growth, authenticity