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The data analytics division of ticketing outfit TEG has analysed the online behaviour of 12 million Australian’s to reveal the hotspots in the local entertainment sector. Each year Australians spend more than $40 billion on entertainment which includes the associated advertising and media components. Take our Which-50 reader survey and

The dimensions of the struggle over entertainment are becoming clearer by the day. Netflix first upped the stakes by investing in its own product — a line in the sand being its very large cheque for House of Cards. In 2015 a few elbows were shoved out in the form

In case there was any doubt, Time Warner and Amazon have taken steps to make absolutely clear their intent to change the game in entertainment. In an effective put-down of Rupert Murdoch’s recent bid for the company, Time Warner produced third-quarter results that turned a three per cent revenue gain

There has been a huge shift in online consumption in Australia over the last two years with the amount of time spent on entertainment and portals withering away from over 40 per cent to only about 15 per cent of minutes viewed, and with social media emerging to fill the