Emma Lo Russo

By the end of 2009, the GFC was already retreating into the rearview mirror, ushering in a new decade which would see ecommerce and mobile technologies take hold, and money pouring in venture-backed start-ups like Facebook, Uber, and AirBnB. That created a new generation of cashed-up disruptors looking for incumbents

Digivizer has launched Digivizer Academy, built on its digital marketing analytics platform, to help small and medium business owners understand the performance of their content and marketing across all their digital and social paid, owned and earned media channels. In October Digivizer launched a new digital analytics SaaS solution aimed

Indigenous mentoring organisation AIME is quitting social media, with the organisation’s founder and CEO Jack Manning Bancroft describing the platforms “addictive, dangerous, and unhealthy.” Manning Bancroft shared a post across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on Friday saying the not-for-profit was leaving “social media for good.” Founded in 2005 AIME, which

Jack Birmingham’s first job doesn’t involve flipping burgers at McDonald’s or throwing newspapers out of a basket onto his neighbours’ front lawns. Not for him, the drudgery of minimal wage slavery, or even getting out of bed before 9 am on a Saturday morning. Instead, each night, he sits encased