On 27 March 2012 the Chinese Communist Party adopted its formal five year plan on e-commerce. Its goal is to make China’s market the largest globally for e-commerce. Transparency, security and logistics are highlighted, with regulations designed to build effective and efficient markets. Ecommerce is clearly central to the big

Fast-growing Southeast Asian ecommerce outfit, aCommerce, will integrate Jericho Digital Communications marketing solutions as its partner of choice as it expands its current suite of platforms. The deal is significant for Jericho, as it aligns it with an increasingly well-regarded regional ecommerce platform. It also offers Jericho’s clients ready-made commercial

  The trick with social media is that it is a great leveler. Many of the top social shares we discover in the Chatter Report come from very predictable sources — tech publications or management consultants. But not always. This week’s top ecommerce social share was a link through to

  The burgeoning impact of online commerce in South East Asia, and attempts by incumbent domestic retailers in India to hold back the tide, featured prominently in the worldwide social media conversations about ecommerce this week, according to our daily Chatter Report. Meanwhile, Econsultancy’s list of ten retail and ecommerce

New research by OC&C Strategy Consultants and Google finds that ecommerce in the top six markets will increase five fold by 2020. And it identifies the UK as an emerging powerhouse and already the world’s leading net exporter of goods purchased online. Britain’s online trade surplus is over $US1 billion

Thinking about sinking some cash into the Twitter IPO? A better bet if you are the kind of investor looking for fantastic returns over the long term (Microsoft style) would be to find the emerging ecommerce platforms and hope to pick a winner. As the chart from Statista below shows the three

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