Retailers who are slow to adopt new online channels have suffered in slowing brick-and-mortar sales while innovative retailers and importers experienced a huge uptick in sales from e-commerce channels in 2016 according to the American Association of Exporters & Importers. It says online sales hit $91.7 billion, up 11 per cent

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Every year Deloitte ranks the top 250 retailers based on revenue. This year Amazon made it into the top 10 global retailers for the first time. Walmart continues its long-held dominance at the top of the list and the world’s four largest retailers maintained their positions on the industry’s leader

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When I first visited China in 2012 I was fascinated with how surprisingly international the cities of Beijing and Shanghai felt, how different everything in the world of eCommerce was and just just how much opportunity existed for international brands launching into China. So, roll forward four years and here

APAC has emerged as the world’s ecommerce hub in recent years. While much of the emphasis has attended the rise of China, where private consumption is set to reach $US6.4 trillion by 2020, the story is much wider. A report by Research and Markets released in October 2105 revealed that

Every marketer has the potential (and responsibility) to be a digital commerce marketer. Research says so. Just take a look at Gartner’s 2015-2016 CMO Spend Survey and the surge in marketing spending on digital commerce. “But what if my company doesn’t sell online?” Great question. Selling online or offline, selling

Within ten years the majority of Chinese retail consumption will be conducted online, and Alibaba is positioning itself to exploit a market where 80 per cent of China’s enterprises will need to use an Internet-based e commerce platform, logistics network, financial services, cloud computing and cross-border services. That’s the word

The ecommerce Chatter Report: higher conversion rates, commercial property troubles and consumer protection Improving customer conversion rates, the impact of ecommerce on commercial property, and trends in the US online shopping experience led the social chit-chat this week in our ecommerce Chatter Report. Each weekday the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Chatter Report

Ecommerce spending on desktops and mobiles grew another 14 per cent in in the US year over year, heralding the 18th consecutive quarter of growth according to new data from comScore. In its latest report, called “State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy in Q1 2015”, comSore states that “While

Most consumers still do the bulk of their research for retail purchases offline, and when they do hit the web, they are still more likely to use a desktop than a mobile. Amidst all the tumult of the moment it is easy to overcook the impact of what are still

The US has returned to the top of the AT Kearney Global eCommerce Index, displacing China, and Australia has managed to hold onto a spot in the leaderboard, despite dropping one place to tenth. According to the researchers, “The Global Retail E-Commerce Index™ ranks the top 30 countries for their