Non bank attackers are treating payments as a beach head for an assault on the wider banking relationship according to McKinsey & Company and they are succeeding in defining the standards for digital banking. The insurgents range from small nimble startups to large telcos and according to the management consultants

The Internet of Things, Digital DNA and Gartner’s strategic planning assumptions were the most popular stories for Which-50’s senior digital executive audience this week. (Image: Peter Sondergaard. Source: Linkedin)  And our story from late September about the advantages of decision science versus gut feel-based decision making continues to garner a strong

Innovation, it seems, is a rather slippery term to nail down. Few business leaders would admit to being poor innovators, and yet ask them to define exactly what it means (and as headhunters that’s exactly what we do!) and you will get a wide variety of responses. The problem is