Nobody gets out of bed in the morning determined to make their consumer lives harder. Indeed, these days, building a customer-first culture is critical to success. But that doesn’t make it easy. Which-50 and MediaMath recently convened a Thought Leadership Lab (TLL) in Sydney with representatives from the banking, finance,


Retailers can be forgiven for being a little confused. Just a few years ago DMPs generated a flurry of excitement in the marketing community. Acquisitions by companies like Oracle (Blue Kai) and Salesforce (Krux) didn’t so much spur the market forward as reflect the popularity of the solution at the


The field of data management is rife with acronyms for solutions that can seem vague like Customer Data Platform (CDP), Data Management Platform (DMP) and, in our case, Master Data Management (MDM). This is not exactly what I imagined I would be obsessing about as a marketer at this point

Tucked away in the far recesses of the Salesforce Connections 2018 conference was a lonely stand manned by a very technical buy shy sales consultant. The consultant eagerly dusted off and walked me through a well-polished presentation. The goal of the presentation was to demonstrate the flexibility of Salesforce DMP

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Nine has beefed up its audience reporting and has signed a partnership with programmatic player Telaria which will offer marketers and their agencies a new way of buying Nine’s video inventory. Tremor Video rebranded as Telaria in September last year and is a sell-side software platform to monetise and manage

Swimming in the red ocean of ad networks in the mid-2000’s, BlueKai was fish of a different colour: a company that wasn’t trying to sell you ads or buy them for you, but rather offered information about people. Were they in the market for a car? What kind of car?

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Over the next year 67 per cent of digital advertising spend in APAC will go to Google and Facebook, according to a new report from Salesforce. Globally, 66 per cent of digital advertising spend will go to Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram in FY19, which runs from March 2018


Data Management Platforms (DMPs) are increasingly considered the nexus point between marketing and advertising technology, representing the bridge between the two disciplines. They are also becoming an indispensable weapon the modern marketers armory. Later this month Australia’s marketers will be able to hear how one of Australia’s biggest media companies,

When he and his team placed the first two paid banner ads — ever — on Wired’s online magazine,, back in 1994, John Nardone didn’t feel like a seer. He was working at an agency called Modem Media, building websites for Coors’ refreshing alco-pop Zima and AT&T, and Wired

We work in an increasingly complex programmatic world with viewability, cookie deletion, cross-device attribution and third-party data-enriched DSPs to deal with. So when you introduce a DMP to a marketer, they either shrug at the need of adding another layer to ad-tech, or just call it out as the last