A culture of innovation and customer experience helped Lego ward of disruption in the 1990s when it was beset by higher tech competitors and a shrinking market. Today the Danish toy giant is still enjoying the fruits of that culture, consistently amongst the world’s most valued brands. Register now for Which-50’s

The Australian utilities sector is facing a wave of disruption, and local executives believe it will hit sooner rather than later. A clear majority of executives who participated in a survey commissioned by OpenText believe most of the disruption to occur in the next five years. A third said they


Industry disruption is already a reality for most large companies globally, according to a new study from Accenture. The study shows that, rather than being a random event beyond business leaders’ control, disruption has a pattern that can be identified, understood and prepared for. The study analysed more than 3,600

Last week, there was an interesting convergence in the disruption cosmos. At least I thought it was interesting, since I could draw (create?) some similarities across the different circumstances and companies involved. Here’s what happened: Kodak – which had recently experienced a stock market explosion relative to its past after

Not all disruption is good. Not every change works. And some companies are so profoundly boneheaded it is hard to do anything but stare horrified and awestruck at their capacity to make self-destructively poor choices. Village Cinemas, it’s your time to shine. The company is apparently introducing a Dynamic Pricing Trial,

The rise of digital platforms and partnerships signifies a switch in business model from “Do it Myself” to”Do it With Others”, calling for a new style of leadership to meet customer needs effectively. Business strategists have been recalculating the formula for achieving competitive advantage for quite some time. Product differentiation


Not all disruption is triggered by digital technology. Regulation, and the pricing signals that flow from it, can be just as powerful. With the introduction of China’s National “Plastic Sword” signaling the end of open importing of plastic scrap into China, the global marketplace has been disrupted. Western countries like

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The travel distribution sector could change dramatically over the next 10 years due to artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the use of portable technology according to a new independent study released by the London School of Economics (LSE). The report said industry and consumer pressures will generate more complexity in


In a world where the mantra “fail fast, fail often” is championed, what exactly is an acceptable failure rate for pilot projects in retail financial services? A study conducted on behalf of Pegasystems, Marketforce and Cognizant put this question to 500 retail financial services and insurance industry executives across 56

Nearly all of the Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs) surveyed by Accenture  around the world say  digital disruption will reshape their industries. Very few however are equipped to navigate the change. That’s a key finding from a study called ‘Thriving on Disruption’,  by the Accenture Institute for High Performance. According to Paul Nunes,