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If the global upheaval of the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that resilient businesses prioritise digital — or, more specifically, data. Businesses either embarked on a digital transformation journey pre-COVID, putting them in good stead when the pandemic hit, or they pivoted fast. It was sink or swim. According to

Professional Services firm Genpact today released its global CIO study revealing that, despite lessons learnt in 2020, the majority of CIOs are unprepared for another business disruption. The study was conducted in partnership with MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, surveying 500 CIOs, of which 50 were Australia-based. According to the report,

Australia’s national workplace relations tribunal The Fair Work Commission (FWC) says it is undertaking a two-phase digital transformation.  FWC is responsible for the Fair Work Act and has also managed JobKeeper throughout the pandemic. With more than 13 thousand hearings and conferences, administering 33 thousand applications and publishing over 10

Customer convenience retailer 7-Eleven will likely start to notice significant new benefits from the business’s digital transformation as the company enhances the capabilities on its core app, according to the executive leading the change. The group’s first foray into digital was a fuel lock app which proved surprisingly popular —

The first part of this article, outlining the many problems with My Health Record, appeared on Friday. The Australian Digital Health Authority (ADHA) has a tender out to re-platform the My Health Record (MHR) program. The project is the government’s answer to a lot of the criticisms laid out in

This is the fist of two articles addressing healthcare transformation written by Jeremy Knibbs, the founder of Medical Republic While COVID sparked a digital health revolution around the world, My Health Record, and those who keep standing behind it, along with a local medical software industry that is small and 

Show me a business that hasn’t been challenged to adapt and innovate due to COVID-19.  Over the last 18 months, businesses have had to alter their strategic intent to cater for an era of homebound customers, social distancing, remote working, customer anxiety, newness, supply chain issues, and an unpredictable environment.

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A recent report by global consulting company Accenture suggests that upskilling in tech and digital capabilities and investing in sustainability will be key to the pandemic recovery.  Accenture’s Chief Experience Officer (CXO) pulse survey compares the opportunities and challenges that CXOs are facing globally as they grapple with what customer

With the deployment of Edge computing, the technology sector is in the midst of one of its semi-regular paradigm convulsions. And like all such shifts, the motivation is competitive: offering organisations a step-change in productivity. In simple terms, Edge computing puts processing and data storage closer to the location where

Over 90 per cent of companies have been unable to realise forecast financial goals from their digital technologies, according to a new study from Bain and Company. The details are outlined in a paper called Four Myths of Digital Transformation: What Only 8% of Companies Know. According to Bain Partners