digital supply chain

From empty supermarket shelves to delays manufacturing electronics and cars, the COVID-19 crisis has provided a stark example of global supply chain disruption.  In the early months of the crisis, 94 per cent of Fortune 1000 companies suffered supply chain disruptions. Underestimating the risk of supply chain shocks led to

Global adtech MediaMath announced SOURCE, a new advertising “ecosystem” which promises to “clean up the digital media supply chain by committing to a 100 per cent accountable and addressable supply chain by the end of 2020”. SOURCE, named so because it brings brands and agencies closer to the source of

Companies who have made significant and successful investments in their digital supply chain are pulling ahead of their competitors in terms of profitability according to research by Boston Consulting Group. The management consulting group found that such companies have 40 per cent to 110 per cent higher operating margins and