digital disruption


Consumers take a while to fuel, but when they get a tank full all bets are off. That’s one lesson of digital disruption to date. Management consultants refer to it as the boiling frog moment: slow raises in competitive heat go unnoticed – and suddenly the frog is cooked. Cable

For all the talk of the disruptive capacity of Fintech start ups, it is the tech giants like Google and Apple that banks fear the most, according to a new global study by EFMA and funded by Infosys Finacle. EFMA is a global not-for-profit organisation bringing together more than 3,300 retail financial

Pity the poor taxi industry. Well actually you don’t need to, they are already running a fine line in self indulgence. This week the ACCC knocked back an attempt by incumbent Taxi companies to force us all to use a single app – not even a hint of a nod to competition.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission refused to authorise the ihail app which would have operated under  joint venture arrangements between Australian and international taxi networks and other participants in the taxi industry.  It seems that to a long list of failed counter against Uber measures such as complaining about

Data released by the RIAA in the US reveals that, like downloads before it, streaming has surpassed physical media like CDs and records to become the second largest revenue generator. Indeed, according to business intelligence site Statista, “Physical formats such as CDs and LPs now account for less than one

The ACT will become the first Australia government to legalise ride sharing app Uber from October 30, this proposal make Canberra the first national capital in the world to legalise the ride sharing app. Uber currently doesn’t operate in the ACT, but is preparing to enter a much friendlier market. The NSW government is