Digital Asset Management

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Given the amount of content they create, all brands are now media organisations now. That’s the view of Forrester Research, outlined in a recent Wave Report into Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience. The importance of content has placed the issue of digital asset management (DAM) front and centre with

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is fast becoming essential for retailers trying to align around the customer, according to a new Aprimo white paper, which argues DAM can strengthen and unify messaging. “At the highest level, digital asset management lets brands create, manage and deliver engaging and personal experiences across channels,”

Out of sync asset libraries are producing inconsistent brand messages and undermining the customer experience, according to Tarun Chawla, Aprimo’s director of product strategy, integrations and business intelligence. However, proper digital asset management can provide demonstrable ROI and eliminate the customer experience gap, Chawla said. “If those [asset] libraries are out

Huge growth in the volume of digital content brands produce has made digital asset management more important than ever, according to Jon Williams, senior vice president international, Aprimo. “The development and the volume of content that most organisations are delivering is growing exponentially. Globally, it’s said to be doubling every