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Research from Gartner overnight released projections in which it predicts IT spending to grow to $US4.1 trillion worldwide in 2021, and to $A98.3 billion in Australia — up 4.1 per cent.  This growth spans across IT sectors including data centre systems, enterprise software, devices, IT services and communications services.  The

Data, data everywhere and not a drop to drink. It turns out that getting all those tasty insights out of company information silos, through the pipes, and into a place where they can actually help customers buy a product is an expensive and daunting exercise. Indeed each year over half

By 2022 the average home will have hundreds of devices connected to the Internet as the Internet of Things becomes a mainstream consumer experience, according to research outfit Gartner. Describing Smart Homes as an area of dramatic evolution, the research company says growth will be fuelled by the falling cost

  Do you ever wonder where your data goes, once it is posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other usual social suspects? Do consumers know which big marketers out there sucking up every thought, movement and status update they post in their never-ending quest to jam up the

“All that is useful is ugly” according to the French poet Théophile Gauthier, who believed that all beautiful things were useless since they did not have direct utility. He would not have lasted long in the fast-growing wearables market. According to a paper from L2 Business Intelligence for Digital called

More than half of all online videos will be viewed on a Smartphone or a tablet by 2016 according to projections based on the latest Ooyala Global Video Index. The report found that since 2011 there has been a 719 per cent increase in video views on these platforms and