Department of Home Affairs

Use of Australia’s controversial encryption busting laws ramped up significantly last year, according to analysis of government reports. The access powers were used seven times between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019, according to a new annual report. But an answer by the Department of Home Affairs to a

The Australian government today released the first version of its Internet of Things (IoT) Code of practice. The voluntary code, aimed at industry, outlines 13 security principles which represent the “standard for IoT devices” for device manufacturers, IoT service providers, and application developers. The seven page document includes brief recommendations

The coalition led Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has rejected the Department of Home Affairs plans for a national facial recognition database and new surveillance powers, telling the government to redraft its controversial legislation with better safeguards and consideration for privacy. It is the first time the parliament’s

The revived proposal for the Identity-Matching Services Bill will allow the Department of Home Affairs to begin developing a national scheme of identity and data matching, including the expanded use of facial recognition technology. The contentious scheme would see the department operate a hub and spoke model of identity data