data sharing

The Australian Government says the national value of open data could be as high as $25 billion per year. Globally, McKinsey puts the value at $3 trillion. It’s little wonder stakeholders are clamouring for their share, attempting to devise systems which enable the transfer and reuse of that data.  However,

There is an appetite in Australia for more digital technology in transport services, according to a new study from Stanford University.  Most Australians would be happy to share more data, use a consolidated mobile payment app, and trial automatic identification systems through bluetooth or facial recognition, if doing so would

The Los Angeles city attorney is suing IBM-owned The Weather Company, alleging its app covertly profited from mining user data without adequately disclosing its data sharing practices. The lawsuit, filed on Friday, alleges the app deceived users into sharing their whereabouts in exchange for “personalised local weather data, alerts and