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Australia’s top tier data scientists are still pulling in huge salaries despite a slight decline in pay levels among the elite ranks of the profession.  One in 10 data analytics professionals surveyed for the 2016 IAPA Skills and Salary survey commanded annual pay checks in advance of $220,000 a year.

Australia’s data scientists are trousering it like never before. But while businesses are paying huge data science salaries,  by their own admission many are not taking advantage of the investment. That’s the main take out from this year’s IAPA Skills and Salary Survey 2015 results released this morning. Almost half

Companies are still struggling to apply data in support of broader business objectives, even while recognising its primacy as a competitive advantage. That’s the headline from a report by the Winterberry Group, IAB and Oracle Marketing Cloud. Called “Data as a competitive advantage“, the report notes that Big Data has