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Leading Edge is working to connect regional Australia, while reducing emissions through the solar structure encasing its data centres.  The company was recently awarded at the Datacloud Global Awards 2021 for the ‘Edge Award‘, which celebrates “Innovation in delivering superior user experience in connectivity and interconnections for Edge Data Centres”.  While

Not too long ago, Gartner made a splash with the research headline, “The Data Centre is Dead”.  The point wasn’t that enterprise data centres were suddenly obsolete, but that the days of a traditional enterprise-owned data centre serving as the sole location to source IT services were waning. With a growing

As if a CIO’s role wasn’t tough already. For starters, being the gatekeeper for data and systems security is dynamic trench warfare against known and unknown threats that can cripple availability, revenues and productivity. Add in new requirements to be a strategic advisor to the business amidst accelerating digital transformation;

Organisations are transforming how they operate as evidence grows that sustainable operations drive business growth. All the key corporate stakeholders necessary for success are contributing to the shift — including consumers, employees, partners and investors. Further reading: Discover the fastest route to carbon neutral IT operations  And while for many

Sustainability is a core operating principle for businesses, and it’s driving policies to lower carbon emissions. We asked NEXTDC CEO, Craig Scroggie, how organisations can make rapid progress towards a carbon neutral data centre. Download the Data Centre Sustainability whitepaper Read more – Attending To Environmental, Social And Corporate Governance

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A year of global upheaval and accelerated digital transformation is driving exponential growth in the rate at which information is created, stored and shared. “And all of that information needs data centres to store it, power it, secure it, and make it available,” says NEXTDC CEO, Craig Scroggie. “We are

As organisations pursue aggressive net-zero carbon emission strategies in the run-up to 2030, and increasingly put sustainability at the heart of their operations, the data centre faces particular scrutiny due to its burgeoning power consumption. Little wonder, since data centres are responsible for producing over two per cent of the

Microsoft now believes underwater data centres are reliable, practical and energy sustainable, following the retrieval of a prototype from the ocean floor. The test case could have implications for on-land data centres, which are heavy users of power and fresh water. Microsoft’s test device — a sealed, shipping container-sized data

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Cheetah Digital today announced its first local data centre, allowing Australian users of its marketing software to store their consumer data onshore. Keeping data in Australia improves latency and security, according to the company which counts customers in several countries. The martech business says consumers’ awareness and attitude towards data

Google this week revealed a “carbon-intelligent computing platform” which optimises compute tasks in its data centres for times when renewable energy is more plentiful. The tech giant says the new software will help it achieve its goal of ‘24×7 carbon free energy’. Ana Radovanovic, Google’s technical lead for carbon-intelligent computing,