UNSW and Telstra have co-developed two micro-credentials for cyber security fundamentals and coding to help build staff capabilities as the risk of cybercrime grows. The micro-credentials include: Security Fundamentals, a five-week introductory course on a range of computer security topics. Aimed at those with a technical background or skill set

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Smart home devices and their apps represent a major weak link in the corporate cybersecurity chain as the lines between work and home life increasingly blur, according to Trend Micro research released today. Trend Micro’s “Head in the Clouds” study surveyed more than 13,000 remote workers across 27 countries to


Chief Information Security Officers say security is a high priority along with other indicators such as clarification of roles, establishing clear metrics, and cyber risk assessments. The results are contained in a report from Cisco which has just published the local Australian findings of its sixth annual CISO Benchmark Report.

Twitter says the Bitcoin scammers who sent out messages soliciting bitcoin donations able to do via a social engineering attack targeting its employees who had access to access internal systems and tools. Verified accounts with huge followings such as Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Kanye West, and Elon Musk have been

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The media industry suffered 17 billion credential stuffing attacks between January 2018 and December 2019 according to a new report from Akamai, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences. According to   Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) a nonprofit foundation that works to improve the security of

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The prevalence and severity of cyber attacks are increasing at an alarming rate every year. So much so, that statistics from Cybersecurity Ventures estimate that cybercrime will cost the global economy a colossal $6 trillion per year by 2021. Specops Software analysed the latest data from Center for Strategic and

One of the key challenges organisations face when looking to commission security projects is the prospect of having to justify the large spend to the board. It’s difficult to present complex security problems in business language that will resonate with business leaders. The question of “What metrics are useful to

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The founders and 50 team members of Australian security consultancy, Zimbani, will join Deloitte from April. The firm acquired Zimbani to expand its existing Australia cyber practice. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. “Cyber-crime is regularly listed as one of the major business risks globally, so it is critical

Companies that take out a cybersecurity insurance policy may be inadvertently making themselves a bigger target, a cybersecurity expert warns.  Fleming Shi, CTO and founding engineer of Barracuda Networks, said in the case of ransomware, for example, attackers are looking for targets who have insurance because they view them as easier

The CEO of P&N Bank has issued an apology over a data breach involving the West Australian bank’s customer relationship system which exposed personal identifying information of customers, including names, addresses, age, and account balances. The bank today revealed “criminal activity took place around 12 December 2019” during a server