Malicious actors pose not only a threat to the security of company information, but to the physical safety of employees. A recent report by Gartner predicts that cyber criminals will have weaponised operational technology (OT) environments by 2025, demonstrating risk to human life. In today’s minicast we hear from

Digital transformation is broadening supply chains and increasing cybersecurity risks. Anne Petterd, Partner at Baker McKenzie and panellist at CyberArk’s recent executive panel event discusses the importance of embedding cybersecurity protections across the entire supply chain in order to deliver a successful digital transformation agenda. Petterd suggests that many businesses

  Companies globally are grappling with the growing threat of cybercrime.  In today’s minicast, Sean Duca, Vice President and Regional Chief Security Officer for Asia Pacific & Japan at Palo Alto Networks highlights some key steps that businesses can take to protect themselves and improve their cybersecurity posture. Duca describes

  Innovation and cybersecurity have, for some time been seen in opposition. However, according to Samuel Stuart, Director of Digital Identity at Mastercard, organisations must couple cybersecurity with innovation, in order to bring the issue front of mind. CyberArk’s recent senior executive panel event explored the ways that organisations can

The relationship between cybersecurity and innovation is a balancing act, where teams need the freedom to create — unhindered — but still need to be cognisant of the imminent threat of cybercrime. Which-50 recently hosted a senior executive panel to interrogate the issue of translating cyber risk for boards and

  As digital transformation catapults, supply chain security risks will continue to rise.  According to Anne Petterd, Partner at Baker McKenzie, speaking at CyberArk’s recent executive panel event. “You might be introducing IoT devices to actually perhaps address a compliance issue and the moment you can’t go to your factory

  Bringing cybersecurity out of the technical domain and into the business domain relies on reducing the complexity and technicality of language in communicating cybercrime risks. Thomas Fikentscher, Regional Director ANZ of CyberArk speaks at the company’s recent senior executive panel about the importance of preparing business leaders across all

A research report by cyber security and compliance company Proofpoint reveals that CISOs globally are concerned about their organisation’s preparedness for cyber crime.  Proofpoint’s third-party survey was made up of responses from more than 1400 CISOs across 14 countries in Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Key

The cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline indicative of a ransomware attack and has since been described as the most significant and successful attack on US Energy Infrastructure to date. Its immediate target was Colonial’s business computer systems and is expected to delay the supply of product to the Eastern

Threats to cybersecurity, and the risks and cost to business, will be magnified by accelerating digitalization unless organisations quickly and aggressively bring identity management under control. While digital technologies accelerate business growth and supercharge efficiency, they can also be exploited by cybercriminals and amplify the opportunity for malfeasance when identity