Companies globally are grappling with the growing threat of cybercrime.  In today’s minicast, Sean Duca, Vice President and Regional Chief Security Officer for Asia Pacific & Japan at Palo Alto Networks highlights some key steps that businesses can take to protect themselves and improve their cybersecurity posture. Duca describes

The relationship between cybersecurity and innovation is a balancing act, where teams need the freedom to create — unhindered — but still need to be cognisant of the imminent threat of cybercrime. Which-50 recently hosted a senior executive panel to interrogate the issue of translating cyber risk for boards and

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McDonald’s in Asia and VW in North America have become the latest corporate victims of significant data breaches, an event that is becoming increasingly common across the global business landscape. McDonald’s suffered a data breach on its network, which exposed the personal information of some customers in South Korea, including

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The Australian Serious Financial Crime Taskforce (SFCT) has aimed its sights on the burgeoning market in cryptocurrency transactions. Using the well-known maxim of “follow the money”, the SFCT has openly disclosed it would be using data matching to track various forms of cybercrime, including the use of cryptocurrency to avoid

The data from a very significant data breach at Facebook from 2019 re-emerged over the weekend. It involved the leaking of personal details of more than 533 million users, including 7 million Australians. Facebook applied the “nothing to see here” defence, saying the leak was old.  Information including full names,

A sophisticated “hacker for hire” operation is using a strain of malware never before seen to target financial institutions in South East Asia. Discovered by BlackBerry and dubbed “CostaRicto”, the group is part of a growing trend towards outsourcing cybercrime. Blackberry says it has been monitoring CostaRicto for six months,

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More than 8.5 billion records were compromised during 2019— resulting in a 200 per cent increase in exposed data reported year-over-year, according to a new report from IBM. The end result is significant growth in the number of stolen credentials that cybercriminals can use as their source material. IBM Security