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Global and local regulation is helping to concentrate boards’ attention on cyber security risks, according to industry experts. From today, boards of APRA-regulated entities are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their organisation maintains its information security. The new prudential standard, CPS 234 Information Security, requires that financial institutions clearly define

In an effort to avoid ‘buying a breach’ Australian companies are paying more attention to the cyber resilience of the firms they want to acquire, according to new research for Forescout Technologies. The study, The Role of Cybersecurity in M&A Diligence, surveyed more than 2,700 IT and business decision makers

While it often seems that companies skate through major breaches of consumer trust with little more than a short-term blip to cash flow or market capitalisation, the evidence suggests that the negative impacts may be more long-lasting and serious. And not just to the executives who lose their jobs —

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Forescout has appointed Terrie Anderson country manager for Australia and New Zealand. In this role, Anderson will focus on helping organisations adopt Forescout’s device visibility and control platform as part of their broader cybersecurity strategy. Anderson will also drive awareness of the market drivers and trends, including IoT security, convergence

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The big four banks are backing a new educational initiative, the Schools Cyber Security program, designed to teach high school students about cyber security skills and encourage them to pursue a career in IT. The Australian Computer Academy (ACA) developed the $1.35 million national program which will be taught to

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The Australian political digital infrastructure is a target in an ongoing nation state cyber competition which falls just below the threshold of open conflict. Today Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a statement to parliament, saying: The Australian Cyber Security Centre recently identified a malicious intrusion into the Australian Parliament House

The Federal Parliament has suffered a cyber breach and various media outlets are reporting that security agencies are investigating if China is the possible source. Sources have told the ABC the attack was detected in its early stages but authorities are yet to determine if data had been stolen during

Trust in the security of the internet is declining at the same time businesses are becoming more dependent on it for their digital infrastructure. According to a new study from Accenture, 68 per cent of CEOs report that their businesses’ dependence on the internet is increasing, while their confidence in

Debates about cyber security in Australia over the past few weeks have largely centred around the passing of the government’s controversial Assistance and Access bill. But while government access to encrypted messages is an important subject, protecting Australia from threat could depend more on the task of developing a solid

Starwood emailed me a couple days ago telling me my data was part of their 500 million record customer data breach. The remediation actions they offered me were: call their call center, read their email, proactively learn if my data is for sale (without a URL to enrol in that