Customer Journey

Customer experience professionals have been obsessed with mapping customer journeys — optimising business processes and streamlining the passage of engagement. These maps or flowcharts are meticulously designed to guide customers effortlessly from Point A to Point B, to complete their purchase, or to get help. Yet prospects and customers still

bad customer service

Businesses are struggling to provide personalised, connected experiences and their customers have taken notice. And while they’re not happy about it, consumers will still navigate through disconnected systems in order to get things done. That’s a key takeaway from a study commissioned by API company MuleSoft, which was recently acquired


Marketers still struggle with mastering the customer journey, which makes it difficult for many to understand where best to place their development spend. Part of the problem, according to the CMO Council, is that many brands still fail to take a strategic approach to the issue. According to Liz Miller,