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IT needs greater visibility over how outages impact consumers so they can prioritise their response when problems inevitably arise. That’s the view of Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty, an IT incidents management company which launched in Australia this week. “You never have one [IT] problem at a time, they usually

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You likely hear a lot about customer experience these days. Business media is full of articles about CX, and the data we collect at Gartner demonstrates that CX metrics are among marketers’ most important. In addition, business leaders tell us they are investing more in customer experience. But why? Why is

I read a lot of articles every day about the future of customer experience (CX) and how cutting-edge technology is about to change the world for every marketer. A lot of folks are eager to tell you what your brand should—no, must—do to prepare for the future. The future of

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The impact of digital on consumer and business behaviour has been profound, according to a report on the current Australian digital landscape. The report, Digital Australia: State of the Nation 2017, said this year saw a “quantum leap” in the level of digital interconnection between devices and a “positive disposition

“Marketing is in an interesting situation due to the explosion of consumer experiences.” That’s the view of Kevin Souers, Aprimo’s Chief Product Officer, who says consumers now expect a highly unified experience, where their online and offline worlds neatly converge. This outcome is in turn driven by the service-based app

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Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs collect direct, indirect and inferred data about your customers so you can better understand your product, services, and experiences from the customers’ perspective. This is what makes VoC data so different (and so valuable) from most, if not all, of the other data your


When it comes to customer experience businesses think they are doing a better job than they really are in part because they lack qualitative customer data. That’s the view of Kylan Lundeen, CMO of Utah-based software company Qualtrics, who cited research that 80 per cent of CEOs believe they are

customer experience

Discussions we have hosted with senior executives have uncovered a shift in how they now view customers and the significant potential a customer experience approach provides. New tech and digital channels are no longer simply a cost cutting mechanism, but a way to engage customers. Marketers who are charged with

Australian shoppers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Amazon after the Seattle-based giant confirmed its intention to establish an Australian retail presence. But consumers’ enthusiasm may not be all about lower prices. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Research from Telstra-backed ecommerce platform Neto said more online shoppers were concerned

customer experience

Oracle announced a series of new innovations within the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite.  It is adding chatbots and  artificial intelligence capabilities along with enhanced mobile, video and messaging services. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter Chatbots, artificial intelligence and enhanced mobile, video and messaging capabilities empower customer