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I see a lot of marketers getting excited about voice tech. Let’s stop for a moment to recall how marketers excited about email and social media behaved — flooding your inbox and newsfeed with ads. Now imagine every brand in your life getting access to your Alexa or Home. “It’s

Poor personalisation and lack of trust cost Australian organisations $A66 billion last year. That is the cost of lost opportunity when almost 40 per cent of consumers switch companies. According to Accenture, 48 per cent of consumers are frustrated when companies fail to deliver relevant, personalised shopping experiences, and 45 per cent

The rise of data-driven decision making has coincided with a resurgence of design thinking. Both processes are now seen as critical to delivering the ideal customer experience. To further understand the area we spoke to Joe Cincotta, director of Thinking Group. Read The Future of Marketing: Edition 4 Data-Driven Marketing

Australian consumers are more likely to be dissatisfied with the digital experience offered by business than otherwise, although perceptions have improved significantly over the last two years according to the authors of the SAP 2017 Australian Digital Experience Report. The message for business is to focus on delivering a consistent

In the two years I’ve been at Gartner, I’ve had hundreds of calls and meetings with clients about customer experience (CX), and I am regularly struck with how misunderstood it remains. CX is a hot topic in business today, which is evident not just from the many articles and blog posts

Customer experience can no longer be separated from technology. Realising this superannuation company Sunsuper has created a group which combines the two. Teifi Whatley is the Executive GM Customer & Technology Sunsuper, a role which combines the responsibilities of the CMO and the CIO. “The rationale behind bringing a group

Banks which focus on building much better customer experiences through digital will emerge as winners in the ANZ market, according to a new Forrester report. Incrementalism is not the way to go, instead its time to fire up the Packer-Whackers. “Tomorrow’s winners will be those that use digital technology to

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As technological innovation accelerates at an alarming pace, the challenge of adapting and executing a winning customer-experience strategy can prove expensively daunting for many organisations. The largest gains accrue to firms that can incorporate great customer experience — augmented by digital technology — as an inseparable product feature to harness

Marketers get it — delivering great customer experiences is critical to a brand’s success. Over the last 12 months, ADMA and Which-50 separately and collaboratively have managed multiple roundtable discussions with senior marketing and analytics executives around Australia on the topic of customer experience. While the importance of CX is

Digital feedback has the potential to have a far-reaching business impact on things like customer loyalty and revenue. But only if it’s harnessed correctly. For instance, there are a handful of absolutely critical strategies you should be following, such as making sure you capture the right data. That may sound