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According to the latest Customer Experience in Marketing Survey 2017: Greater Expectations, Greater Challenges, in two years 82 per cent of B2B CMOs expect to mostly or completely compete on the basis of CX, compared with 76 per cent for B2C marketers. Meaning that competing on price and product or

Delivering exceptional customer experiences has quickly become table stakes for marketers. Too often, though, these experiences are undermined by inconsistent messaging and opportunities go begging. Repeated or irrelevant messages breed consumer intolerance and annoyance, which is quickly vocalised and often amplified by social media. Inconsistent messaging can also be a

Digital technologies have dramatically improved the experiences of consumers, making it much easier for them to find what they want and to be provided with the service levels they expect. Not only is their product choice greatly improved but so are the choices of channels, which allow them to act

The retail and consumer market landscape in Australia and New Zealand is rapidly transforming. Digital disruption, increased competition and increasing consumer expectations are placing brands under significant pressure. At the same time, barriers to entry are falling. With access to technology and automation, and a wealth of data and insights through social

Australian retailers will likely struggle to match Amazon’s efficiency but they can make up for it in customer experience, according to Adore Beauty CEO Kate Morris. “[Amazon] are about efficiency, not love. You can’t beat them on efficiency because that’s their thing, that’s what they do. You can get pretty

Jeanne Bliss, regarded by many as the godmother of the CX movement is set to deliver the international keynote address at the fifth annual Customer 360 Symposium to be held in the Hunter Valley this  April. According to Ashton Media co-founder and conference content director Mark Abay, “Bliss is a true pioneer

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I see a lot of marketers getting excited about voice tech. Let’s stop for a moment to recall how marketers excited about email and social media behaved — flooding your inbox and newsfeed with ads. Now imagine every brand in your life getting access to your Alexa or Home. “It’s

Poor personalisation and lack of trust cost Australian organisations $A66 billion last year. That is the cost of lost opportunity when almost 40 per cent of consumers switch companies. According to Accenture, 48 per cent of consumers are frustrated when companies fail to deliver relevant, personalised shopping experiences, and 45 per cent

The rise of data-driven decision making has coincided with a resurgence of design thinking. Both processes are now seen as critical to delivering the ideal customer experience. To further understand the area we spoke to Joe Cincotta, director of Thinking Group. Read The Future of Marketing: Edition 4 Data-Driven Marketing

Australian consumers are more likely to be dissatisfied with the digital experience offered by business than otherwise, although perceptions have improved significantly over the last two years according to the authors of the SAP 2017 Australian Digital Experience Report. The message for business is to focus on delivering a consistent