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Avoid App Overload

You’ve built it, but will they come? Cisco AppDynamics have released their latest report in their App Attention Index research series, revealing consumer reliance on applications and digital services has soared since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global study, which examined the digital behaviours of more than 13,000

A joint report from Salesforce and the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) reveals that customers want their online experiences to deliver in-person value.  While consumers push for businesses to have widely accessible online offerings, they will not compromise on the quality of customer experience. According to the report, 69 per cent

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While investment in digital has ramped up throughout the pandemic, research by Pegasystems shows that it may have come at the cost of lower quality of service. Pega commissioned research firm Savanta to conduct the global study, surveying 12,700 business leaders, agents and customers to understand the impact of the

Shifting consumer and employee values over the past year have created an impetus for organisations to change how they do business.  They have little choice, since we live in an area where consumers increasingly take their best experience in any context and apply it to every context. Industry analysts Gartner

Customer Journey

Many companies have embraced the concept of customer experience (CX), but relatively few organizations have achieved mature, self-sustaining CX programs that enable enterprise-wide customer-centric culture and significantly improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. As with any business discipline, there is plenty of devil in the details to get CX right,

Consumers are a key audience for every business, across sectors and revenue models. Why? They are your buyers, suppliers and employees. Therefore, every decision your company makes starts and ends with consumer insight.  Every IT investment ultimately requires human approval and adoption. Supply chain decisions are about delivering to human

feedback poor CX customer experience rating bad service

Customer expectations in Australia and New Zealand have increased by close to 60 per cent since February, ranking higher than the average in Europe (57 per cent), according to a new research conducted by Freshworks, the customer engagement software. While customer expectations have shot up, 54 per cent of leaders

Big fish eat little fish. Flat style.

SAP will acquire Emarsys, an omnichannel customer engagement platform provider whose systems are designed to help businesses to engage more effectively and more personally with their customers. The newly acquired business will be rolled into SAP’s Customer Experience portfolio. That portfolio hasn’t always gelled so well. Earlier this year the

Pegasystems this week announced a new feature for identifying “underserved” customers – those less likely to accept an offer. Known as Value Finder, the feature is part of Pega’s Customer Decision Hub software, which uses artificial intelligence to send customers targeted offers and support. If a customer is below a

Consumers are taking more control of their personal data, and it is beholden on businesses to give them the tools they need to do that. That’s the view of Blaine Carter, Chief Information Security Officer of Franklin Covey, who has watched both the change in consumer attitudes and the emergence