customer expereince

Many companies are striving to launch customer experience (CX) programs that will improve their growth, margin, and customer retention. In working with our clients, one of the challenges we see is a tendency to view CX as a tactical effort–something designed to seek out and resolve customer annoyances, particularly in customer

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is fast becoming essential for retailers trying to align around the customer, according to a new Aprimo white paper, which argues DAM can strengthen and unify messaging. “At the highest level, digital asset management lets brands create, manage and deliver engaging and personal experiences across channels,”

Turning customers into lifelong advocates requires companies to embrace customer experience throughout the organisation. That is according to Jason Bradshaw, director of customer experience for Volkswagen Group Australia, who spoke to Which-50 about developing a culture around customer experience. He was speaking in advance of next month’s Ashton Media Customer 360

Not all disruption is good. Not every change works. And some companies are so profoundly boneheaded it is hard to do anything but stare horrified and awestruck at their capacity to make self-destructively poor choices. Village Cinemas, it’s your time to shine. The company is apparently introducing a Dynamic Pricing Trial,