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 SAP overnight announced the global launch of SAP Customer Data Platform, a next-generation customer data platform (CDP) that aims to allow organisations to redefine the customer experience across every engagement, from commerce and marketing to sales and service. The announcement was made overnight at the software giant’s annual customer experience

Earlier this month, Gartner published an updated Market Guide for Customer Data Platforms (subscription required). Marketer interest in CDPs has been steady for the past 18 months. Meanwhile, the landscape of providers has become more crowded with different providers emphasising different capabilities under the same umbrella term.We predict that by 2023,

Customer data platforms have emerged rapidly over the last few years as the latest tool in the arsenal of contemporary marketers to help exploit company data. In simple terms, CDPs create a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. In turn, that makes it easier to personalise

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Knowledge of the customer is a top priority for marketing organisations. Our recent survey data demonstrates that CMOs are continuing to invest in customer retention and growth, with spending on existing customers outpacing that of new customer acquisition. Customer analytics is a top priority for CMOs as they seek to