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Mastercard announced the expansion of its cryptocurrency program, making it simpler and faster for partners to bring secure, compliant payment cards to market. The company says consumer interest and investment in digital currencies are growing, with research showing that up to 20 percent of the population of some countries are

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A global group of regulators led by Australia and the UK are asking Facebook to explain how it will protect personal information in its new cryptocurrency venture.  The regulators have “concerns” about the initiative which would see Facebook potentially adding the financial data of millions of users to its existing

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Facebook will launch a cryptocurrency in 2020, signalling a move beyond the social media and advertising markets it has dominated for the last decade. But Facebook, which continues to battle privacy and security scandals, insists financial and social data will be separated. Nominate today for the Which-50 Digital Experience Awards.

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Nearly 170 years before the invention of Bitcoin, the journalist Charles Mackay noted the way whole communities could “fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit”. Millions of people, he wrote, “become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught

Japanese company Rakuten has announced they are developing their own cryptocurrency and blockchain platform. The company will convert its current $9 billion dollar loyalty program into the new currency – Rakuten Coin. The step is part of Rakuten’s ambition to become the leading global membership program, according to Rakuten Inc

The Comminwealth Bank has decided to block attempts to purchase any virtual currency with its credit cards. “Virtual and crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin have yet to meet a minimum standard of regulation, reliability, and reputation,” the bank said. The ban came into effect yesterday and extends to both CommBank and

Even the 130-year-old Kodak company can not resist the cryptocurrency craze. Kodak has announced it is partnering with Wenn Digital to create its own cryptocurrency and blockchain platform for photographers. WHICH-50 Reader Survey: Help us improve Which-50 by taking our annual reader survey. You can also win prizes including Google

Apollo Capital is seeking to establish $30 million a fund which will specialise in crypto-asset investments, including digital currencies, other blockchain-based assets and ICOs. The fund is estimated to be fully operational in early 2018 and will be open exclusively to wholesale clients, with a minimum buy-in of $50,000. Sign

A common idea about the blockchain — the technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — is that it can “create trust”, or allow two parties to make a transaction “without relying on trust”. If true, this would mean we could create a world without a trusted “man in the

The Reserve Bank of Australia could join the likes of Estonia and Lebanon in creating a cryptocurrency based on the Australian dollar, to reap the benefits of technology like the blockchain but with more stability than other well known currencies like Bitcoin. The RBA has already been approached by interested